Global Conference on

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

August 24-26, 2023 | London, UK

Biomechanics of Human Movement

Biomechanics of Human Movement

Biomechanics is the application of mechanics to the study of the structure, function, and motion of mechanical aspects of biological systems at any level, from whole organisms to organs, cells, and cell organelles. Biomechanics is a discipline of biophysics concerned with the mechanics of living organisms. Biomechanics is a branch of the larger field of kinesiology that focuses on the mechanics of movement. It is a basic and applied science that includes both study and practical application of its findings. Biomechanics encompasses not only the structure and movement of bones and muscles, but also the mechanics of blood circulation, renal function, and other bodily systems. Human movement is achieved through a complex and highly coordinated mechanical interaction between bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints within the musculoskeletal system under gravity and other loads, and is regulated by the neurological system. Any injury or lesion to any of the separate elements of the musculoskeletal system will alter the mechanical interaction, resulting in movement degradation, instability, or disability. On the other side, proper mechanical environment modification, manipulation, and control can assist prevent injury, correct abnormalities, and hasten healing and rehabilitation. As a result, utilising motion analysis to understand the biomechanics and stress of each element during movement is beneficial for studying disease causation, formulating therapy decisions, and evaluating treatment outcomes.

  • Biophysics
  • Dynamics
  • Kinematics
  • Kinetics
  • Statics
  • Sports Biomechanics
GCPR 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Zachary Eisner

Zachary Eisner

University of Michigan, United States
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Selma Denis Squassoni

Selma Denis Squassoni

FMABC University Center, Brazil
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Ghazi Racil

Ghazi Racil

University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Matis Georgios

Matis Georgios

University Cologne Hospital, Germany

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