Global Conference on

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

August 24-26, 2023 | London, UK

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation is care that focuses on maximising a person's physical and mental functioning with cancer, and can be started before, during, or after treatment. For someone who has had a heart attack or a knee replacement, rehabilitation has long been regarded standard of care, but cancer rehabilitation is a relatively new notion. This isn't due to a lack of utility or need, though. With an increasing number of cancer survivors in the United States and a large number of these patients dealing with long-term treatment side effects, the need for rehabilitation services is likely to skyrocket in the near future. Cancer rehabilitation is a program that assists cancer patients in maintaining and restoring their physical and emotional health. Before, during, and after cancer therapy, cancer rehabilitation is accessible. Many sorts of professionals collaborate to design a personalised cancer rehabilitation strategy that takes into account your preferences, strengths, and goals. Participating in a cancer rehabilitation programme may aid in a faster or more complete recovery.

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GCPR 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Zachary Eisner

Zachary Eisner

University of Michigan, United States
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Selma Denis Squassoni

Selma Denis Squassoni

FMABC University Center, Brazil
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Ghazi Racil

Ghazi Racil

University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Matis Georgios

Matis Georgios

University Cologne Hospital, Germany

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