Global Conference on

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

August 24-26, 2023 | London, UK

Electrodiagnosis, Electrical Stimulation & Electrotherapy

Electrodiagnosis, Electrical Stimulation & Electrotherapy

Electrodiagnosis is a branch of study that employs the science of electrophysiology to examine human neurophysiology using electrical technology. Electrodiagnosis is used for a variety of purposes, including (1) detecting the location and severity of a lesion, (2) defining the progression of a disease, (3) assessing prognosis, (4) distinguishing neuropathy from myopathy, and (5) evaluating the response to a treatment. For individuals with a suspected myopathy, electrodiagnostic testing is the most important diagnostic tool. Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography are included (EMG). Electrodiagnostic investigations are a type of physical examination that is particularly beneficial in the evaluation of a patient with a suspected myopathy.

Electrical stimulation is a form of physical therapy method or treatment that can be used to help with a variety of physical therapy tasks (PT). An electrical current is thought to help strengthen muscles, inhibit pain signals, and increase blood circulation. Electrical stimulation is utilised in physical therapy for a variety of reasons. It can be used to treat inflammation, strengthen muscles that are weak or not functioning properly, and reduce discomfort and spasms.

Electrotherapy is a medical treatment that involves administering an electric current to the affected areas. It is primarily utilised by professional physiotherapists to treat a wide range of diseases, including muscle discomfort and arthritis. This treatment method uses focused and controlled electrical stimulation to treat chronic pain, muscle wasting, musculoskeletal injuries, and nerve pain. In situations where drugs are ineffective, electrotherapy can be quite helpful. It varies depending on the patient's condition and requirements.

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Screening
  • Electromyography
  • Physiotherapy Electrical Stimulation
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
  • Interferential Therapy
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
  • Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS)
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
GCPR 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Zachary Eisner

Zachary Eisner

University of Michigan, United States
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Selma Denis Squassoni

Selma Denis Squassoni

FMABC University Center, Brazil
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Ghazi Racil

Ghazi Racil

University Tunis el Manar, Tunisia
Speaker at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2023 - Matis Georgios

Matis Georgios

University Cologne Hospital, Germany

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